Dr Wei Wei Pang

Dr Pang’s research interests lie in women’s and child’s health, with much of her research work focussed on the determinants of human lactation and breastmilk composition, as well as understanding […]

Dr Jiaxi Yang

Dr Yang’s research interest lies at the intersection between Nutritional Epidemiology and Women’s Health with a life-course perspective. Her current work includes: 1) examining lifestyle-related risk factors for cardio-metabolic diseases, […]

Asst. Professor Queenie Ling-Jun Li

Dr Li is a clinician scientist whose current research program focuses on the determinants and transgenerational health consequences of maternal obesity and diabetes based on a life course approach. Her […]

Prof. Cuilin Zhang

Prof Zhang is a clinical epidemiologist investigating the roles of genetic and environmental factors in the pathogenesis and prevention of diabetes and obesity, and comorbidities, and in promoting women’s health […]