Dr Paul Albert

Dr Albert’s research interests primarily focus on complex modelling of correlated outcomes in biomedical sciences, including analysis of longitudinal data, diagnostic testing, and data from biomarker studies.

Prof. Xiaobin Wang

Dr Wang’s work unites biomarkers, clinical medicine, epidemiology, and disease prevention. She has served as the principal investigator of multiple large-scale molecular and genetic epidemiological studies, with a particular focus […]

Dr Una Grewal

Dr Grewal’s primary research focuses on fetal growth and pregnancy outcomes (e.g., labour and delivery, gravid disorders, intrauterine growth restriction, birth defects), especially in relation to maternal nutrition. She is […]

Dr Katherine Laughon Garantz

Dr Garantz is a perinatal epidemiologist and board-certified Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with specialization in Maternal-Fetal Medicine who is interested in modern day management of pregnancy, labour and delivery, especially fetal […]

Prof. Frank B Hu

Dr Hu’s research focus includes epidemiology and prevention of cardiometabolic diseases through diet and lifestyle; gene-environment interactions and risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes; nutritional metabolomics in type 2 […]

Prof. Jorge Charvarro

Dr Charvarro’s research focuses on investigating the role of nutritional factors in the pathogenesis of diseases affecting reproductive and hormone sensitive organs. In addition, Dr Charvarro investigates how different dietary […]

Prof. Sjurdur F. Olsen

Dr. Olsen focuses on impact of health of dietary intake in pregnancy and during the adolescent years. As member of the expert group on ‘Pregnancy and Lactation’ (PAL), he is […]

Dr Zhen Chen

Dr Chen is a statistician, whose main research interests are in Bayesian methods, diagnostic accuracy, and statistical analysis under constraints, with applications in epidemiological studies in human reproduction and development.

Prof. Yiqing Song

Dr Song has a broad background in medicine, nutrition, genetics, and epidemiology and has extensive experience in the evaluation of nutritional, biochemical, and genetic markers as predictors of type 2 […]

Prof. Sanjay Kinra

Dr Kinra’s primary research interest is in the application of digital technologies and artificial intelligence to improving the health of disadvantaged populations. Specifically, an interest in evaluating affordable solutions for […]