NUS Women

Global Centre for Asian Women's Health
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Application of precision nutrition and lifestyle modifications, customised to an Asian setting, to reduce or delay the development of cardiometabolic disease, cancer, and mental disorders among women of all ages

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Application of omics-based techniques to achieve precision and personalized medicine for disease diagnosis and risk classification across all research tracks

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To examine the role of breastfeeding and milk composition on maternal and child health, which will serve as evidence-based resources for families, health practitioners, and policy-makers to make informed decisions on breastfeeding practices and for policy implementation

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Digital Health

To improve digital health accessibility for women and to establish a digital research platform that is culturally sensitive for reliable data collection, practical intervention implementation, and sustainable user compliance

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Health Equality & Equity

To investigate and address issues related to health disparities in women’s health across all research tracks, including immigrants and those with a deprived socio-economic background

Bone Health

To understand the epidemiology of bone health in Asian women, to promote women’s bone health care by highlighting the significance of preventative care before menopause with a life course approach and hence, to prevent the development of osteoporosis and consequent fractures.


Impact of COVID-19 and environmental sustainability are among the other themes that we will investigate across all research tracks